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  • Why the male 'pill' is still so hard to swallow

    Posted in News on Nov 08, 2016

    A recent study looking at the effectiveness of a male contraceptive injection was abandoned after the men taking part reported increased incidences of acne (nearly half), mood disorders (over a fifth) and raised libido (over a third). In fact, there were 320 men in the study – and a total of 1,491 adverse events were reported. For those overseeing the trial these side effects were viewed as being more significant than the fact that the contraceptive injection appeared to work well in reducing the production of sperm – and the evidence does appear to support their concerns? Nevertheless, many...

  • New 'nursing associate' role announced

    Posted in News on Oct 12, 2016

    Plans to create 2,000 "nursing associate" roles across England have been announced by health officials. The first 1,000 nursing associates, who will deliver "hands-on" care for patients, are due to start training at 11 tests sites from December, Health Education England (HEE) said. Following "huge interest" in the role from hospitals and other parts of the health sector, a second wave of training places will follow, HEE said. Union Unison has previously said the new roles should not be used "as a cheap way to replace registered nurses". But HEE said the role will bridge the gap between healt...

  • Nobel prize in medicine awarded

    Posted in News on Oct 04, 2016

    The Nobel prize in medicine has been awarded to a Japanese cell biologist for discoveries on how cells break down and recycle their own components. Yoshinori Ohsumi, 71, will receive the prestigious 8m Swedish krona (£718,000) award for uncovering “mechanisms for autophagy”, a fundamental process in cells that scientists believe can be harnessed to fight cancer and dementia. Autophagy is the body’s internal recycling programme - scrap cell components are captured and the useful parts are stripped out to generate energy or build new cells. The process is crucial for preventing cancerous growths...